Valene's Adventure Log - Delve 2

I met up with Altearth and Vraxim again this morning for a second delve into the DungeonScape. The other two must’ve had other plans since we were unable to meet up. Instead, however, we made the acquaintance of two oracles looking to delve as well. They were quite kind to join us after we expressed our need for healers. One in particular, though, CorVal, is his name… there was just something in his smile and demeanor that seemed to betray his outward intentions. Yet, I have no evidence to prove that he is anything but sincere, so I will try not to dwell on the uneasy feeling I get whenever he speaks. Tiberius, on the other hand, seems to be honest enough.

This time we decided to enter the Waterfall entrance. Feeling much better than the previous day, and understanding the situation better than before, our encounter with the Bloodskulls went initially much better than that with the Frostbites. Sadly, even though I managed to take care of the shamans that posed a minor threat, Vraxim’s eidolon was not so lucky with the scouts pelting javelins at the rest of the group. I managed to climb the ledge without too much hassle, and fortunately, I was able to take out one of the orcs… though no such luck when the second standing one attacked.

I’m still not entirely sure what exactly happened, only that he managed to exploit an opening… and then everything went black. Fortunately it seems that I wasn’t out for too long this time around, though I am still just as embarrassed as before—if not more so because of this having been my second blunder. Tiberius cured my wounds with magic and I was able to stand on my own two feet again, although the pain was nearly unbearable. Partially due that that, and partially due to my disappointment, I kept to myself during the following events.

The scene I awoke to after descending the cliff ended up being, hands down, the strangest thing I have ever seen. Goblins. Countless goblins. The first thing that struck me, of course, was their size, and since there were so many of them, it almost seemed… cute, in a way. I knew that just by coming to Sanctuary I’d see many things I’d never seen before (even halflings were quite foreign to me, with all honesty) but there are just some things that stories, books, and scrolls cannot describe or portray; a horde of goblins was one of them. Of course, the situation was even stranger! CorVal and Vraxim were trying to impress… no, free… no, recruit the little humanoids?

The attempts at peace were all quite futile, it proved, since a mob broke out at Tiberius’s suggestion. Or was it the suggestion of another goblin to behead Vraxim? Whatever the case, everything ended once CorVal decapitated the enlarged goblin leader. …And then CorVal convinced them to follow him out the cave. I was so bewildered that I couldn’t even put in my two-cents worth of insight. …Not that I had any.

Vraxim was strangely silent on the way back to town. In retrospect, he was likely plotting for what was about to happen at the gates. Of course the guards weren’t about to let what could be a platoon of goblins into the city! I was skeptical, too! But Vraxim… he wished to get revenge on CorVal. Of course, without Lagaicrus, he was left with only one option: convince the guards that the goblins planned to overrun the town—and he was gone. What happened afterwards was not an all-out war between the guards and goblins, thank Iori, largely due to Tiberius’s efforts to convince the guards of the goblins’ usefulness. Still… the amount of animosity pent up in that small halfling worries me; the fact that he ran so far so fast is also disconcerting. I feel we won’t be seeing him again anytime soon.

The goblins ended up inhabiting the land to the northeast. I do not know how they’ve started their first night as freed creatures, but I doubt they’re as concerned about their future as I am. So much happened today that I’m not even sure about my own state.


Valarian Valarian

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