Valene's Adventure Log - Delve 1

It’s been only a day since I arrived in Sanctuary. The DungeonScape has appealed to me for some time now, but if it weren’t for my teacher, I probably would’ve never left the temple. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow just as much as I’m grateful to prove myself to the other students. It’s not befitting of a disciple of Iori to think such thoughts, but I’m ready to show those louts that just because I am a woman, I am not incapable. Indeed, I must admit that the lack of misogyny (and racism) in Sanctuary is like a breath of fresh air—people like the master who treat all equally are only one-in-a-million back home, but it’s the exact opposite here!

I woke up this morning ready to depart, but as I was mentally preparing for my first delve into the DungeonScape, I was approached by a barmaid who pointed me towards the elven woman who had just entered the tavern, tattered and disheveled. I expected she requested assistance in the caves, but I asked the barmaid what she wanted anyways. Indeed, those were her intentions.

She informed us of the criminal Ercareana and how she escaped her confinement form the Elven capital…she then informed us about her companions and the misfortune they met upon entering the cave. If I didn’t have reason enough to enter the caves, then I certainly did then. Dica, our “client,” if you will, has been through so much, even for being an adventuring official for her superiors. She’s offered to give us a hefty sum of gold should we bring back the hand of the dreaded assassin, but I will most likely decline once it’s offered…. Money is an incentive for mercenaries, but a sorry tale is all that is needed for me to bring a criminal to justice.

I was able to get a fair grasp of the companions I was travelling with on our way to the caves Dica mentioned. The little halfling summoner is a bit of a handful, but provides good entertainment at the least. Firthinel has a good head about his shoulders and an intelligent mind. His magic was sure to come in handy. Faraway, as he is called, is an interesting one—he seems to understand the situation, and his conversation between Vraxim—the summoner—is always intriguing. It may just be a preconception, but he seems to be rather honest for being a thief. Altearth is sturdy and silent, though he seems to emanate an aura that makes him trustworthy.

We decided to enter the Wind entrance of the three that were mentioned to us by Dica, but it occurred to me that none of us must’ve realized how cold it was in that cave. The season is already starting to change, but the cold was made all the more noticeable in the cave with a breeze. Of course, nearly the moment we entered, we realized the entrance was being guarded by a number of orcs. Faraway and I went to check it out, but considering the fact that we couldn’t simply waltz right through the camp of “Frostbite” Warriors and Scouts (we later came to find out their name), we ended up charging in anyway. Our assault seemed to be going well, thanks greatly to Altearth who can withstand and dodge many an attack. Of course, I was not so fortunate…. while we were but a minute into combat, I was knocked unconscious and left out of commision for the remainder of the fight. I’m still hazy on the details, but from what they told me, Altearth managed to take a potion from one of the orcs and stabilize me—much longer, it seems, and I would’ve been done for. Back in reality (with a throbbing headache), I learned that Vraxim’s pet did in the last of the orcs, or something along those lines. That is what I figured to be the case, since Altearth seemed so steamed up. I fear that relations between those two will be… less than optimal from this point onward, though it is only a prediction.

I realize now that training in a dojo for nearly my entire life seems to have left me somewhat… careless, it seems. My blunder in today’s fight has made me understand that the real world is not sheltered, nor is it predictable. I was too ready to fight—too ready to prove myself to the world. I should’ve been more wary and understood that tactics that might work in the temple do not work on seasoned warriors. …Yet, this disgrace I have brought upon myself has also sparked a new fire in me! I am ready once again to become one step closer to perfection! Rest assured, I will not be so expendable next time!


Valarian Valarian

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