Tiberius's 1st Log

I am not one to talk much unless I wish to sway minds and inspire actions, but I suppose I should begin a log… This is my second journey in this land, and it put me against many undead – the one thing I fear most in my life. I tend to avoid brute violence, but when several undead have boxed me in against a wall, all I can do is draw my dagger and slash blindly – praying the blood my steel tastes is not that of another party member. Memories come flooding, and my scars feel refreshed in such a scenario…. and this scenario was beyond grim, members of my party abandoned us, and two contracted disease, and multiple cases of party members being knocked unconscious painted a grim tapestry, but we stayed strong and eventually our team came round and as soon as the undead began to crumble and return to be judged properly in the boneyard, I felt my mind returning to a more natural state and I was at the very least able to bring Valene back to her feet; which are coincidentally one of her greatest weapons and tools, it was undeniably impressive watching her run across the walls over the party and send several monsters flat on their back with quick trips. I am growing more confident with these people, and my the darker of my minds may remain quelled…

At least I can pray that it will.


Valarian Valarian

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