The Rogue Adventurer

Vraxim, Day 2

The trip to Sanctuary and it’s “amazing” caves was a total failure. This beat the disaster of day 1. First, we picked up 2 new oracles. Good, right? WRONG. One of them is hiding something. I’m still not sure yet. After that we set off. But not for the windy entrance that we had been making progress through, nooooo we had to do the waterfall entrance. Want to know what we found? MORE STINKIN ORCS! I told the party that was all we would find, but we just had to go a different way. And, during the battle, something very odd happened. The oracle I didn’t trust, he, he, I don’t know exactly. He fed off the blood of the fallen to mitigate his own wounds it seems. After the battle I found him talking to goblins. They had been slaves. I offered them freedom. BUT THEY TURNED ME DOWN! Stupid creatures…decided to kill us for giving them liberation. Starting with me! And the evil oracle I mentioned? He cheered them on. The leader of the goblins almost killed me, but for some reason he stepped in at the last second. Killed their leader and claimed to be the new one or something. Led them back to the town to work or something. But do you know what I did? The great Vraxim lied to the guards, ruining the goblin’s chance at a civil life! I hate them. I hate them all. I see them trying to build their own civilization just out of town, but it won’t work. I will have my revenge! Especially on that stupid oracle, curse him.

End of Entry

In a rage the halfling forgets not only his book with his experiences, but his gold pouch as well. A new adventurer finds them under a tree, seemingly abandoned, and claims them.


Valarian Valarian

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