Gronds First Foray


Goo’day, me names Grond, thought Oi’d talk bout me battle against yet another band of drooids! but first Oi need tah mention how Oi met this group o bloo’y great fighters. Oi was on me way for mah weekly drink binge, plannin’ on getting steamin drunk, and hope Oi don’ notice getting so green that drooids think Oi’m one o’ them. Anyways, Oi was goin’ down the main road, when Oi see the crowds part fo’ a big ol’ Ork bleedin’ fro’ nearly ev’ry part! now, Oi hate Orks loike any good dwarf does, but dis Ork would make a great test subject if he died, and if Oi saved ‘is loife, Oi moight get in some of the action this Ork clearly wars in, and passing up moi drink binge sounded moighty fine. Well, Oi got that Ork back on ’is feet in no time, ( shame, that ) and larned ’e wars part o’ a foray inta that crypty place! " What luck!" Oi thought, and Oi offered to ‘elp em on their next journay. When Oi larned they wars going to investeragate some nasty droid doin’s, Oi was just as happy as goin’ an explorin some crypts. Not much after that, just bashed some wolfies and drooids, kept dat Ork aloive through a direwolf AND a bear attack, he is one impressive Ork, can’t wait to get my hands on his corpse, not until after we have a good ole’ time bashin things togetha,. o course.


Valarian Valarian

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