Gronds Ale Binge and Story Telling

Aye, dat dere is Ork blood, dat is. Oi got dat blood froma stinkin arcane loike orky, castin all sortsa fire mischief. Oi, bartenda, nother round o the good stuff! Got some stuff tah forget…

  • A few minutes, and quite a few drinks later * Aye, Tiberius did na make it, good chap, faced his fears with a strong ’eart. Such a shame dat people loike him are dah ones who go, and dose loike me who neva stop running are dah ones who live on, yah no?

Yah, Oi guess we did save those goblins, think Oi’ll pay the tribe a visit and see how dey are doin.

Yar, we also did learn bout that cultist camp, definitely paying THEM a visit soon, gotta stop running someday, eh? Maybe some chaps’ll join me in getting rid o’ em? Aye, maybe some guard’s come help too, undead cultists not good fo business, yah no?

( Edited, it ended up being a lot of Gronds backstory, which isn’t the best thing to put in adventure logs. Instead I focused on a more conversation in an inn kind of adventure log )


Valarian Valarian

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