Entry for 21st of Ice

Blitz's Journal 21st of Ice.

It is the 21st of Ice, and I have just gotten back to the inn. When I first arrived in Sanctuary, I was not expecting to end up in this kind of situation. I arrived in Sanctuary this morning, hoping to stop at the inn, maybe make a potion or two over the next couple days and watch for a group heading to the dungeon. I’d then be able to joining them, even if I’d have to bribe them with potions.

Instead what happened was I got to The Safe Place (interesting name for an inn. I’m still getting used to not living in Ravenspire, but that was detailed earlier and needs not a retelling.) and instantly ran into a noble sort pleading with a rough looking lot (Like most nobles, he seemed to be hoping that money could solve some sort of problem. Problem is, noble problems are usually not the money solving type.) The dwarf of the lot saw me walk in and instantly walked over to greet me. Grond (Not sure of last name. If he was back in Ravenspire I’d say he doesn’t have one, but apparently outside of the nest not having a last name is uncommon.) introduced themself and the rest of the group, who are as listed.

(Grond, stocky dwarf, wears a nice clunky suit of armor and seems to wield divine power.) (Tiberius, shaky looking elf, also seems to wield divine power.) (I’d have to either take some time to study or ask them, but I believe both Grond and Tiberius are what you’d call Oracles, wielders of divine magic but with a terrible curse. Unsure of what those curses may be, but both Grond and Tiberius are a bit special… more listed below.) (Oslo, halfling sneak. I’ve seen a lot of thieves in the nest, but Oslo seems to be a cut above them. Decent at hiding, so much so I didn’t see him when entering the inn, which if I can’t see him, I won’t see them if they come for me either, need to work on that. Good shot with a bow, decent with daggers.)

So I asked if they were going to the dungeonscape and if I could come along, and much to my delight (at the time) they said I could. They led me out of town, where Grond revealed he had a skeleton chained up. He then unchained it and had it come with us into the dungeon. (He can control the undead? As long as he isn’t like the flies back in Ravenspire, I’ll be fine. Need to make sure he isn’t a fly himself though.) They showed me this underwater temple they were hired to go into. (Probably by the noble, he seemed relived that they mentioned they were going today.)

They checked rooms that they had almost definitely been in before (sign of a good team, not letting a room go unchecked just because they had checked it earlier.) Early on we fought some creepy things. Not quite sure what they were, besides humanoid swimmers. They paralyzed Grond, but Grond’s skeleton and the rest of the group managed to start taking them out, which was even easier when Grond could move again. We then headed on, moving from room to room. We did find some money and other items. (The group really shined here in my mind as a group that was worth adventuring with, every time we found something that a person would want, they would take it for their share of the loot, rather than just taking it and still demanding a cut of the money.) We found an interesting creature as well, that threatened us off, and then when I went to talk to him, asked me to get him some black dragon to eat. He even said that there was some up the stairs. I got out of there as soon as possible saying I would go look for it. We also found a mirror that could show us rooms in the dungeon that we knew about. (Useful for us now, but what if an enemy used it while we were there. Also, what purpose would it have been used for in the temple? I suspect I won’t find out.)

So we headed up the stairs, Oslo taking the lead quietly and I moved behind as quietly as I could. (Reminded me of the mansion. I need to get back into practice of quiet steps.) However, our being quiet did not matter as Grond and Tiberius were joking while heading up the stairs. (Tiberius talked of his aunt, and then talked as his aunt. Either good impressions, crazy, or both.) Oslo opened the door, and saw what I later learned are called Duergar, or dark Dwarfs. A whole bunch of them in fact. He shot that bow faster that I thought possible, and joking time was over for the group. I managed to throw one of my bombs into a good chunk of them, not hitting any directly, but still seemed to do quite a bit. (Need to remember, the splash on multiple targets might prove more effective than the direct hit on one.) The Duergar then turned invisible. We tried to strike out at where they were, but instead the skeleton swung at air, Grond ran into a wall at full speed, and I walked straight into one, almost getting hit while doing so. And the one I ran into had somehow made himself huge. Scary situation, but a liberal use of bombs, skeleton, and pure luck managed us through that fight. Oslo had snuck off sometime during. I don’t blame him, it was getting pretty nasty there.

After the fight, as I was resting, I realized that Grond had touched Tiberius with negative energy during the fight, which Tiberius seemed to be healed by. Grond instantly tried to cover it up by saying he was hurting Tiberius, but I think that was a joke. (Dwarf humor again. Didn’t get in the nest, don’t get it here.) I wonder if Tiberius’s curse has something to do with being undead. After we had decided what to do with the loot from the dwarfs, we decided to keep going, at least for a little bit, to see what we could find. And… well, we found a dragon. Scales as black as the cloaks of the ravens, and a breath deadlier. When I opened the door, it seemed huge, but when my eyes adjusted I realized it was about the size of a big orc. Still, it made a terrifying presence, and yet, we decided to not run, but to fight. I could not seem to hit the thing with my bombs, due to it’s constant flailing. Grond seemed as unlucky with his swings, and his eagles did not seem to work that well either. Tiberius helped with spell and spear, but hitting was not in anyones bag of tricks there, and dealing actual damage was rarer. It’s breath was terrifying, it’s claws and teeth seemed to lunge out from anywhere it wanted. And yet we’re alive. I’m told it was from Tiberius managing to scare it with a spell, (which Grond had done at the start of the fight, so maybe not a lie.) I got healed back up onto my fight by Grond and Tiberius, and we grabbed the dragons hoard and ran. I made more today than I could have made in a year working for the Ravens, much less the people that would actually hire me to for crafting of potions and poisons.

My potions are brewing, and the days still cycle. Exile is not death, but a new life. I’m going to be sleeping in a bed tonight, which is better than I’d thought I’d do for myself. Sanctuary seems good for a man of my talents, and work will be plentiful. But for now, I will immerse myself in the crafting of potions, poisons, and bombs. I actually found out a new type of bomb, at least I think. It will depend on if it works when I can actually make it volatile, but when I added an herb I hadn’t tried before to a vial with Akursand in it, it started almost icing the vial. If I can make it explode, that should mean my bombs can inflict a chill on my enemies. I’ve also figured out a way to apply poison to my daggers without exposing myself to it. I haven’t tried it with actual poison yet, but my success rate with the oil was 100% which is a great sign.

I read a poster in the tavern about asking for donations for a guild hall. I might donate to that, after I pay my expenses and pay for some materials, but for now I’m just going to brew my potions.


This brought a bit of tear to my eye. First of all, it’s gratifying to see a mention of Ravenspire in there. Second of all, referring to Urgathoa cultists as “Flies” is a stroke of genius. Refering to Ravenspire as “The Nest” is also pretty good. The detail here was helpful for me as the GGM, and I also liked the details you went into with your “experiments” when you leveled up. I think you easily deserve an additional 100 xp for this entry.

Entry for 21st of Ice

And for those of you who don’t know what he’s talking about, here’s Sing a Song of Blackbirds.

Entry for 21st of Ice

PS If you want to pick up some extra experience, I’ma put up blank links for [[The Nest]] and [[Flies]] on the front page of the wiki. You can fill them out or I can.

Entry for 21st of Ice

Very well thought through and detailed, Good work!

Entry for 21st of Ice

I was actually thinking Anthony, that the nest was actually what the street rats called the slums area. I don’t actually think we ever got to Ravenspire, so I don’t know how it was laid out, but I figure that the nest Blitz was talking about was a shady district, probably by the ports somewhere.
I don’t know how well that would actually work out with Ravenspire, but that’s what I had in my head when I wrote it.

Entry for 21st of Ice
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