A DRAGON! Oi swear!

Grond: “Yah Heard me, wars a DRAGON Oi tell yeh.”
Heckler from the Crowd : " Better back up, Grond throws up after he lies. "
Laughs from the patrons
Grond: “Am Oi throwin up now? Oi did no think so! Twas a dragon alright, dis here is dragon blood on my ax! BLoo’y thing ran away after we bloodied it near tah death, all o’ its true, Oi swear!”
Tavern Waitress: “Well, he aint drinkin, nor throwin up, I believe him… I think.”
Grond: “Oi be obliged tah yeh. Lemme remoind you sorry lot that Oi’ve fought Orks, Goblins, Direwolves, Bears, Zombies and Ghouls. A dragon ain’t much more dan an overgrown lizard wif a decent mind an’ an overblown ego. No offence tah any dragons in here, Har!”


Valarian Valarian

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