The Hero's Heart

The Hero’s Heart Adventuring Guild is a project spearheaded by Mystoc. A few of the other veteran adventurers of Sanctuary, namely Grond and Oslo, quickly got behind the project as well. Together the three of them worked to bring this fine guild to completion!

The guild is run and controlled by a board of four directors. At the time of creation, however, only three directors were nominated and sworn in. These directors are Mystoc, Grond, and Oslo. A fourth director will be sworn in as soon as a proper candidate comes forth.

  • The guild members of the Hero’s Heart abide by a guild charter, which can be found here.


  • The floorplan of the Hero’s Heart can be found here.
  • An alternate floorplan with numbered rooms and tags for each room can be found here

Guild Services

Room Specific Bonuses

  • The Armory: This room supplies light/medium weapons and armor for 10 people. It allows you to don armor hastily with no penalty.
  • Bar: One hour in this room gives a +1 on Diplomacy to gather information in the city. Lasts for 24 hours.
  • Sauna: One hour in this room grants +1 ongoing save against disease. Also a +1 saving throw against negative level. Lasts 24 hours.
  • Dojo: This room counts as a facility for retraining.
  • Alchemy Lab: This room counts as an alchemist’s lab (as the tool) for up to three people at a time.
  • Infirmary: This room counts as a healer’s kit with unlimited charges for up to four healers at a time.
  • Book Repository: One hour in this room grants +3 on one check for either knowledge arcana or religion.
  • The guild has a system in place to upgrade personal room blocks, found here.
  • The guild also has community spellbooks free to copy spells from. Details on these spellbooks can be found here. Remember to follow the applicable rules.
  • Offices: It was failed to note which of the four offices belong to which of the four directors. The bottom-right office belongs to Mystoc. The center-right office belongs to Oslo. The other two office spaces haven’t been claimed.

The Hero's Heart

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