Glorious-Sun-Shine-Bright-Rich-and-Also-Strong City

Holidays: There is currently one holiday planned for Goblin Valley (+ 1 loyalty, + 1 consumption)
Promotion: There are currently token attempts to promote growth and immigration in Goblin Valley (+ 1 stability, + 1 consumption)
Taxes: There is currently light taxation. (+1 economy, -1 loyalty.)
News: With the recent construction of houses (well, huts, but nice huts) and the end of winter, the biggest fear of the goblins has become the threat of attack from the many dangerous dungeons in the surrounding area. In fact, the panic is causing the semblance of society to break down as the goblins argue passionately over what they can do to protect themselves from the mysterious force they call “the face in the wall”.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Economy: 2
Loyalty: 1
Stability: 3
Unrest: 7
Control DC: 13 (+20 base, +2 for territory, +1 for settlements, -10 for low population)
Size: 2

Settlement Attributes
Population: 76; 40 combatants (+ 8/week), 28 noncombatants (+ 8/week), 8 children (+ 8/week); Max 250
Base Value: 200 gold
Purchase Limit: 1000 gold
Modifiers: Corruption -2; Crime 0; Economy -2; Law -2; Lore -2; Society -2
Danger: -5
Qualities: Goblin Town (-1 lore, +1 crime)

Mayor: Blizzgrit (Add charisma bonus to Economy, Stability, or Loyalty; Currently adding to Stability.)
Co-Mayor: The Wolfslayer (+ 1 to Stability per level)
Head Foreman: Grond (+ 1 to bonus BP from mines, with an additional +1 for every four ranks of an appropriate profession skill.)
Hunt Master: Prakus (-1 to consumption, with an additional -1 to consumption for every 4 ranks of survival.)
Head Architect: Cog (Buildings cost 10% fewer BP to build for every 4 ranks in knowledge[architecture])

Current BP: 9 BP
Consumption: 1 BP/day (+2 for territory, +1 for promotion, +1 for holidays, -1 for Prakus, -2 for farms)
Economic Bonuses: Copper +1;

Buildings and Projects
Winter Clothes: Increase to population growth.
Farms: -2 to consumption

Suggested Projects
Apoint an Enforcer: No BP
Construct a City Wall: 14 BP
Construct Mine: 54 BP
Complete Town Hall: 97 BP.

Glorious-Sun-Shine-Bright-Rich-and-Also-Strong City

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