Erastil's Wineskin

Description: Erastil’s Wineskin is a single story, wooden building. It has several stained-glass windows, though none of them are particularly elaborate. They look as though they were mostly crafted by an apprentice as part of becoming a journeyman. The interior features finely-carved wooden tables and chairs. A collection of exotic drinking vessels rests upon a long shelf behind the bar.

Bartender: The bartender is an overweight male half-orc named Wenza.


  • Apricot Mead (12 copper)
  • Acorn Whiskey (15 copper)
  • Nutmeg Spiced Wine (8 copper)
  • Ginger Ale (7 copper)
  • Apple Cider (7 copper)
  • Erastil’s Port (6 copper)

Erastil's Wineskin

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