Tag: Government


  • Burgermeister Madys

    Burgermeister Madys is the ruler of [[Sanctuary]]. He was given the post by the king many years ago, but he rules the city with very little interference. He is a middle-aged man with terrible warts covering his forehead. He dresses richly, but is …

  • Chancellor Leida

    Chancellor Leida is a human woman of middle age. She is strong-willed, but very cold. Many people conjecture that it is this coldness that has helped her keep the position despite the [[Burgermeister Madys | burgermeister's]] untoward advances.

  • Steward Ardus

    Steward Ardus is a tall man with a ruddy complexion and a receding hairline. He has a large nose, long spidery fingers, and messy fingernails. He tends to wear plain clothes made of thick, brown wool when he is out of his steward's regalia. Ardus is a …

  • Justicar Siegman

    Justicar Siegman is a severe old man with wrinkled skin and a long white beard. He is almost completely bald, and wears nothing but black. He dislikes the recent attention which Sanctuary has been receiving and would like nothing more than to forcibly …

  • Treasurer Luana

    Treasurer Luana is a relatively young elf woman who has an unnaturally good memory and a head for numbers. She's easily the most social of [[Sanctuary | Sanctuary's]] government leaders, and is the nucleus around which the wealthy and noble congregate.