Director? Why, don't mind if I do!

I came to Sanctuary to fix what the old man royally f*@&#* up. Figured it’d be a good place to get my foot in the door, get a start on this whole adventuring thing. Gotta say, it’s been going pretty well so far. Been earning lots more than the streets could ever get me. Been picking up fast on new skills, too. Only a few weeks and I’ve already got some solid contacts underground. I could hardly have asked for a better start.

And now they want me to be a guild director? Oh, this is just too much.

We’re setting up, renovating the whole place, drawing up new floor plans and everything. I’m a part of it, sure, but that wizard Mystoc is the one doing most of the work. He’s the one busting out over mounds of paperwork and red tape. Meanwhile, little ol’ Oslo here, I get to kick back on the wings of an angel, let the project figure itself out, and every once in a while I gotta help make something happen.

And in exchange, I get to be a “guild director.” Whatever that means. Way I see it, I get a fancy new title and access to guild coffers. It’s like they’re not even trying. Best part is, I get to drop them off with the name Faraway as a sock to the old man. That way I don’t have to soil my good rep as Liftcoin. Basically, I’ve been in this place about three, four weeks and I already have contacts, I’ve already made more gold than the old man could dream about, AND I’ve already got a double rep; one as a guild leader and the other as a class A thief. At least, I will after my big heist – still working on that.

But basically, things are looking up for ol’ Oslo Liftcoin. Makes me wonder what was supposed to be so hard about this adventuring game. I already knew the old man couldn’t handle it, I’ve been told that from birth. But really? He couldn’t handle this? Oh man, this is just too much. I can just imagine the look on his face.

Best part is – it only goes up from here.

Small brown book page 1

-A simple brown book with loosely bound pages, most of which are empty. The cover is entirely blank save for a marking in the center of the spine depicting four rings with one in the center uniting the other three. Inside the writing seems to waver indecisively back and forth between the elegant flowing script of elven and the sharper scratchings of common.

I have survived my first few encounters here in Sanctuary.
Looking at that first sentence I can’t help but laugh. Survival seems such a strong word for what I have done, and yet I can find no other for it’s place. It is the truth; I have survived, but over these last few days I have brushed so close to death on such a number of occasions that I almost believe it a lie.

Five sunrises ago I arrived at the gates and passed through them alone. Some number of days before that I was separated from my party. We were traversing the last of the mountains, planning on making it down into the valley before we set up camp. One moment everything is fine, the next there are suddenly a number of creatures pouring from the night upon us. I didn’t see any of them, not more than a vague shadow as they swarmed over my companions and tore my horse out from underneath me. I don’t know what they were, but the sound of their howling and wailing as they descended upon us will surely haunt my dreams for the remainder of my life.
The guards here seem to be used to having new people come into their city and didn’t give me any trouble when I arrived. I remember wandering around for some amount of time and then waking up in The Safe Place Inn. Perhaps I’d found my way there on my own, or maybe fate through the hands of a kindly stranger found me and brought me there. I don’t know. When I asked Jane the keeper she only replied that my nights stay had already been payed for and then asked me what I would have to eat.
It was there at the inn that I met and joined my first adventuring party. A strange trio comprised of an elf, a tiefling, and some kind of a cat person were arranging to investigate a fort that had appeared around a tower. I decided to go with them and we set out.
After exploring only a few rooms we decided to abandon our quest. Between the trapped doors that shot magic and the reanimated remains of an “Owl bear” we just didn’t have the strength to push forwards. This came as a surprise to me because after the first few moments of combat it was painfully obvious to me that these three were each already more powerful than my entire party had been, and this quest seemed like one my leader would have taken. Perhaps if we had not been ambushed in the mountains my party and I would have fallen together inside the fort. Fate works in strange ways.

The next day I went out with the same group again to explore some caves they had found before, only I could have sworn that only the day before Seras the Tiefling had been a female and Tenshou the Elf a male. I think I might need to get my head looked at…
During a fight in the caves everything went dark and the nightmares from before returned, grasping at my face and stealing my breath. In the blind panic that followed I’m certain I changed, although I do not remember it. I hardly remember moving. If not for the still-lingering dark blood stain upon my ceremonial knife I would just put the fight off as just being part of some dream.

My latest adventure was yesterday. An orc came into The Safe Place and demanded an axe so he could go reclaim his honor- and then passed out on the floor from blood loss. He had lost his right arm in an ambush that was supposed to be a fair and honorable test of strength. Tenshou, myself, and two newcomers decided to hunt the honorless orcs and bring back a magical axe that had been stolen.
One of the newcomers was a halforc by the name of Chistar; he could understand the other orcs but as we expected they weren’t interested in talking things out. The other newcomer, a gnome called Baryshnikov, was all for hitting the orcs in the head after he learned that they were slavers.
We fought a couple of goblins too. They seemed strangely better equipped than most of the orcs, but were certainly no smarter and allowed us to hit them from every angle. Perhaps with the blind hope that their armor would save them. It didn’t.
At the end of what may as well have been a long hallway filled with occasional debris and rubble we found a large room with a throne and the traitorous orc we’d been looking for. The fight didn’t last long and we managed to take the leader alive and bring him back to town along with the axe.

-A note at the bottom seems to be written entirely in Sylvan, suffering from none of the wavering of the text above.

I probably could have sold the axe and earned quite a bit of gold. I could have tried to slip away with it once we got back; or It would have been easy enough to split the gold with the party and just tell the one handed orc that we didn’t find anything. But neither gold alone nor one single magical axe will be enough to help my clan back into power, and if I’ve learned anything in my few days here its that I need all the allies I can get if I’m going to survive long enough to accomplish anything.
Especially with the nightmares I now know exist.


Dear party

Deer party, I hate you and your antlers

Dear party, You made me question everything about being an adventurer today… you kill when you dont need to. You dont trust one another, true you shouldn’t be trusted. You only fight for your own gain and not to help the lesser around you, you let them needlessly get hurt and come close to death.
I feel you dont know how it is to be an actual group

Seras and Karru

OOC: This was done over a Skype call, and we decided to make it cannon. XP will be split 50/50

Seras wanders down the street, pondering what to do next, when she spots Karru. Deciding that it would be better to talk about it now than later, Seras waves to Karru.

Seras: “Karru! Over here!”

Karru: “Hi, do I know you? I’m glad you’ve heard of me! Did you hear about me from around town? I’ve been trying to drum up some business for The Safe Place. At least, that’s what Joan wants me to do. I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job. People around here like me well enough, it seems. Even though there’s an awful lot of greedy adventurers. I don’t even know what their deal is. Anyway, obviously I’m Karru, since you already know about me, but I don’t know you yet. What’s your name?”

OOC: All of that in one breath, without stopping or pausing at all

Seras: “Ummmm, Karru? Its me…. you know, the tiefling?”
Seras in a small voice: “Seras?”

Karru: “Oh sure, I know a few tieflings, like Seras, are you two friends?”

Seras: “Karru…you remember the pool in the wizard tower? well…… say hello to the new Seras!”

Karru doesn’t understand and his brow is quite visibly furrowed. You can nearly literally see the gears churning in his little feline head.

Karru raises several brows and his eyes bug out to the max

Seras looks at the ground

Karru: "This adventuring is CRAZY, you know that? I mean, there’s tons of stories, sure. lightning traps? Magic pools of… whatever it is? This is crazy. Anyway. Who are you again?

Seras: “Its me, Seras, I got turned into a guy…… You know, Seras? the female tiefling who played poker with you? Fought the dead with you? Who spent so much time with you? Could you really not tell it was me?”

Seras thinks for a second
Seras in a quiet and thoughtful tone: “you know, this might be useful…”

Karru doesn’t know what to think, and decides to not think anything.

Karru: “Okay, well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, I guess.”

Seras: “Karru! I am the female tiefling, Seras! I got turned from a female to a male! If you hadn’t ran from the wizard tower, you would have seen it!”

Karru shuffles his feet uncomfortably

Karru: “Well, I was just about to go play in the traveler’s plaza, see if I can’t get to know some of the people around town. I hope to see you around sometime… Seras?”

Seras: “Karru…. yes, I’ll see you around have a good time”

Seras walks away

Karru blinks stupidly at the encounter, continuing to not understand or comprehend. True to his word, he wanders off to the traveller’s plaza and dances the strange encounter away.

Seras' Journal 2, Breaking the news

Dear mother
I don’t know how to put this…. Your little girl has grown up into a strapping young man!
We were checking out an interesting wizard’s tower, and there was this pool of water… And you know me, curiosity killed the Hiyyhel Teljih ( OOC: Little Devil, her child nickname ) and, well, I’m a guy? I haven’t dared show my face to anyone that I know since, and am debating how to best make a profit off of this new development. Though I doubt anyone would truly want to go to the tower, risking the danger, in order to change their gender, and also be willing to pay for the privilege, it might make some good fun!

My Little Devil
WHAT!?!? My little girl, you were always trouble, but turning into a man? Well, I guess now you won’t have to worry about any stupid mob getting ideas and instead would just straight up kill you. Don’t risk offending the natives, even for a good prank like that. Keep your nose clean for the moment. I’m guessing that cat you mentioned won’t be as susceptible to your charms, but now you might be able to form both a friendship and comradery without worrying about any ugly misunderstanding. How is the bag coming? I’d worry about your health, but I know my girl, and you’ll be fine

The names heaven..

I try and make friends and what do they do they head off to a tower to get them selfs killed… who knows what would’ve happened if i wasnt there to save them… and in return i earned there friendship :D

this one girl?? this now man who used to be a girl? yeah he/she was to scared to drink this mysterious water…. swo i had to show them that water doesn hurt you sillies you need it to live… honestly how do you not know that, better yet how are you alive now if you dont know??

oh well point is i drank it… now i have… female parts….
i feel weird and sick all the time, i dont like how this adventure has started… well i dont know anyone here so i can play it as ive always been a… girl?

dont judge me how am i to feel….

Seras' Journal to her Mother

People here are nice, its a great change. People may be easy targets, but its hard to take from them when they are such happy folks, I mean, its not like they are taking from me, right mom? Its just so hard to adjust to this world, the festivities, the nice people, and not getting stabbed in the back at the end of a mission, or having to stab someone else first. Went with some strong people to explore some sort of Lost City whatever that means. I mean, no one every found it before? We pretty much just strode in. There were undead there, along with some interesting constructs, would have liked to take a look at the constructs, but they blew up in my face. Found some old, moldy art, but the paladin saw it first, and I don’t want anyone to know of any interest I may have with art, they may see it as weakness, and I must not show any, even in this world. Strange as it may seem, I have taken a liking to a Catfolk bard. No, Mother, I’m not interested in that way, even if he plays wonderful music. But he is an excitable fellow, and we are going to the festival tomorrow, together! I can’t wait! My first festival, and there will be drink! I know you don’t like me getting drunk all the time, but I simply can’t pass this up! I mean, the people there aren’t going to rob me or try to kill me, not with so many others watching at least. And I wont bring any valuables with me.

Dear Seras
I am so glad you got away safely! Life is still the same over here, though I managed to kill that enforcer that was blackmailing me over this book. Remember, don’t get too attached to the people there, not until you are sure they truly are different from here. Even with that imp gone, don’t write too often, we can’t be having anyone pick up on the magic. Don’t forget to get that bag fixed so we can exchange notes and money easier, and without detection! Got to go, have fun with that bard!

Roit there in me inn, too!

“So here I am, watching the bar, and in come that adventuring lot I been telling you about.”

Esteban, the barmaid’s husband, was clearly not listening. He sat in his comfortable chair in the living room of their cozy house. He had man’s work, slaving all day in the mill, while Olga pretended to be important. It’s not like the hag actually brought in any money with her lousy part time employment at The Safe Place. Still, he was wise to keep his mouth shut and let his boar of a wife prattle on.

“‘n normally they’re just fine. Loud, like they’re lot always are, but nothin’ I can’t handle. ‘n so here I am, minding my own business, and this little one starts shouting. Something about some crack quest like they’re always going on about, so I ’idn’t pay much mind. Just keeping to myself, like I do, ’n you know that.”

Esteban, who was still clearly not listening, made no sound save for a noncommittal grunt. Around Olga it was just about the safest noise you could make. Just about the only safe one, really.

“Well it’s just a mo’ before that dirty dwarf starts yelling too. Now that’s the one who keeps- aw, y’ already know, I told y’ about ’im.”

Esteban made no response.

“So now all of them’s yelling. Roit there in me bloody tavern, too! Just roit there! ’ey’s yelling about some scale, some dragon, some nonsuch like they’s always on about. ‘en the one of ’em dumps a whole lot of bags on the table, ’cause y’know what the foit was about, it was about money now wasn’t it? It always gotta be money with they’re types now don’t it?. Well now here I am, about to tell ‘em off, ’cause me customers are getting nervous, y’see, when the dwarf full on punches th’ ‘alfling what started it. A great big whollop, I done hear it from over across the room oi did. ’n so I ain’t gonna- Esteban. Esteban y’ lazy fool, are y’ list’nin to me?”

“Aye, I’m with yeh Olga. Something about the fight, yeh?” Esteban was, in fact, not with her. He was thinking about the mill. A big order came in and they didn’t get half through with it. There was going to be a lot of leftover work to do tomorrow, and he wasn’t none too happy with it.

Meanwhile, Olga ranted away at her captive audience. “So there I am, roit, ‘n but I don’t stop ‘em ’n here’s why. The little ‘alfling what started it is th’ one got punched, ‘n now I ain’t gonna stop ‘at fight. I wanna see th’ little troublemaker get what’s ‘is I do. ’n then he leaps he does, roit over the table there ’n onto the other side. ’n now ’es all yelling at that dwarf again, only I don’t speak any dwarvish so oi idn’t know what it was ‘e was yelling, but I did learn a few of the curses from Margerie over the way – ’n I told yeh ’bout Margerie, idn’t I?”

Esteban grunted.

“Well, I tell yeh, oi never heard such a mouth in all my life. ‘n he’s a loud one too, that ‘alfling. Cursing up a storm ’e is. Only the other’n is yelling at ‘im too don’tcha know, that wizard type I been telling ya about. The one with the guild? Fancy that, a whole new adventure guild, roit there in our little Sanctuary. Now wouldn’t ’at be grand?

“But loik ai was sayin’, the ‘alfling done curse up a storm, ’n he be cursing at every’n too. That dwarf ‘n some goblin ’n then that wizard toiyp. Then the ’alfling stalks off ’e does, ’n as ’e does ’e throws himself a stein at the dwarf. One of me nice steins, too! Well it ’its the wall instead, but the wizard don’t like that one bit, ’n the cheeky bastard makes my tavern dark ’e does! ’e goes ’n turn all the loits out! Pitch black it is!

“‘n well I can’t just be lettin’ that go, not one bit. So y’know what I did, Esteban, y’know what I did?”

“You threw them out?”

“I threw them out, I did. Did a roit fine job of it, too. ‘ey shuffled out all sore like, ’ey did. Mark my words they’ll git a talking to they will. I awlready talked with Jane, ‘n you know Jane. She won’t be having no trouble in her inn she won’t. Not in her Safe Place she won’t. Bless her ‘eart ol’ Jane was furious, she was. Furious she wasn’t in, she was. Oh, be sure those lot will fin’ trouble they will. Git a stern talking to they will, just you wait.”

Esteban very deeply did wish that they’d get a talking to. Goodness knows that Esteban “got a talking to” often enough. It was someone else’s turn. And as for Olga? Esteban grunted. That ought to keep the hag happy.

Firthinel's Musings

Why do I continue to go along on these harebrained ‘adventures?’ My companions assured me that we would be able to handle whatever we encountered, which, I’ll admit, they were able to dispatch the first group fairly easily, I say ‘they’ because the fight was underwater rendering my skills useless. However, as we continued on, we got set upon and nearly wiped out by centipedes. Centipedes of all things! Why do I continue do pursue this path?

Varnel's Letter to Cagara

Dear Cagara,

You were always a great mentor to me, and listened to me when I had things I couldn’t tell my parents or Misanya, and this letter is another selfish request of mine for your time.

I used the skills you taught me, with the sword and bow. You taught me how to shoot from the high point, and you told me what spells to look for while constantly encouraging me to follow my parents wishes for me to learn about spells. And for all of that, I thank you, for all of those were of use today. I took lives of those who would hurt me and my companions. And what a group they were. I met a dwarf who acted nothing like those you had in your stories with a goblin that accompanied this dwarf. I became friends with a halfling that was so fierce in combat, and yet friendly outside. And I briefly met a quiet human, who fought with 2 swords, both bigger than mine. These were my companions for my first adventure.

I got into town near morn, and I found the inn (near the other side of the city of course.) I headed into the safe place and looked around. I was excited for adventure and had heard many rumors about this city since landing on human shores. I looked around, and attracted the attention of a dwarf, who came up and started to talk to me. He asked me if I was interested in joining them, and introduced himself as Grond. I met the rest of the group and got their names, there was Grond, the goblin was Zobnaggle, the halfing was named Oslo Liftcoin (a fitting name it seemed, as he played with Grond by (probably, I never actually saw it) picking his pockets. And the human named Atbur. Oslo was talking to an Elf named Dica, who had hired them to track down a killer. On our way to the dungeon, Grond told me stories about his adventures, and he talked about just the previous day he entered an underwater temple and fought a dragon. I still do not know if he tells the truth, but I shall enter the temple with him if I can next time he goes.

Anyways, we got to the entrance under the waterfall, and entered. We saw a company of orc soldiers, refilling water barrels. I had time to draw my bow before the dwarf started talking in orcish to them. I’m not sure what he said, but the act of him talking made them notice us and turn in fight before I could cast Gravity Bow. The fight started off just like training, except of the screams of pain and the spurts of blood. However, things took a turn for the worse during the fight. Zobnaggle took a javelin to the chest and dropped the tough and smart act. He started running, and the Dwarf chased after him after bringing Atbur back up on his feat. Atbur asked me if I had anything to increase the amount of damage he could deal the orcs. I asked if enlarging him would work, and he agreed. I cast the scroll and prepared to step back as Atbur became enlarged. And then what happened next was… rough. Atbur got hit, and we could tell instantly something was wrong. He seemed not as stable on his feet, and then got hit again, and fell. His pulse stopped as his blood splattered on the floor.

After was, chaotic. I was in a good place to cast, so I cast a shield on myself and moved into a melee with the sword you had given me. I was woefully ineffective and had no luck with hitting. Olso yelled out for me to fight as I was most comfortable. He let me step behind him, and I cast the spell I am most comfortable with, and then jumped up onto a barrel. It was like you were there instructing my shot again, and I hit my next two shots perfectly. The last orc fled, and I missed my last shot. We killed the orcs that were still bleeding, and traveled back to town. I started writing this letter soon after we got back, and while there is still light, I will travel around asking if people know where Atbur came from so I can send his weapons home to his family.

I’m having trouble with how I should end this, except that you were right, and adventuring is hard and scary, but you were also right in that it is exciting and blood pumping, and terrifying.

Your student,
Varnel Dewshine

Varnel stands up from his desk and seals the letter. He finds a messenger in and tells him "This is for Caraga Hollysword. Take this with care.


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