A flat piece of grey rock with a single rune carved on its surface.


The gatestone can be thrown on the ground to instantly create a magical portal through which creatures and objects can pass. The portal is linked to a specific hearthstone obelisk, which can be used to open a portal back to where the first portal was opened.

Activating a gatestone requires a standard action and provokes an attack of opportunity. The gatestone is consumed once it is activated and the portal has opened. Once the portal has opened, any creature or object can pass through the portal and emerge adjacent to the hearthstone obelisk as part of a normal move action. The portal stays open for one minute, or until the person who activated the gatestone passes through it, at which point it closes.

A person who passed through a portal summoned by a gate stone may touch the hearthstone obelisk in order to open a return portal to the location where they last activated a gatestone. Once a return portal has been opened it stays open for one minute, or until the person who touched the obelisk passes through it, at which point it closes. Only one return portal may be opened per activated gatestone. Once the return portal for a specific gatestone has been used, the obelisk “forgets” the location where the portal was first opened.

Both the portal and the return portal are one way; Creatures near the hearthstone obelisk cannot travel through a portal that has been opened at a distant location, and creatures on the other end of a return portal cannot move through the portal to the obelisk.


These intriguing stones are sold by Abzak at his Emporium. The stones can be attuned to a specific obelisk simply by touching them to it. An obelisk has mysteriously appeared not far from the waterfall entrance.

The stones generally sell for 100 gold each.


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