Fallen Predator

A black-iron greatsword with an elaborately-spiked cross-piece.

weapon (melee)

It is said that the Fallen Predator can smell the blood of the wounded and the fear of the desperate, and allows its wielder to capitalize on the weakness of his or her prey.


One of the first people to enter the DungeonScape was an evil warrior named Garrick Bloodwort. Once he arrived in Sanctuary, he loudly announced his intention to take over the valley of Sanctuary once he had obtained an artifact of tremendous power from deep within the DungeonScape. He referred to this weapon as “The Fallen Predator”, and claimed that he had seen the weapons location in a vision. He hasn’t been seen since he went in through the wind entrance, but no-one can quite bring themselves to believe that he is dead.

Fallen Predator

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