Desert Sun-Sword

A bastard sword from Al-Jania, bearing the mark of Sarenrae upon its pommel.

weapon (melee)

Masterwork Bastard Sword


Originally crafted for the members of Sarenrae’s Sunguard, this blade was obviously buried with one of the noble knights of the sun upon his or her death. In design, it is most similar to Northern bastard-swords, though it is balanced more for broad, fluid strokes than for the back-and-forth of northern broadsword fighting styles. It bears no flourishes or decoration other than the thin gold engraving of Sarenrae’s sun mark on one side of the pommel.

This particular blade was found by Khai-ir and his companions in the Crypts of Urgathoa, where it was being wielded by a skeletal champion; doubtless, the skeleton was raised from the body of a deceased Sunguard and corrupted by the magics of Urgathoa.

Desert Sun-Sword

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