Varnel's Letter to Cagara

Dear Cagara,

You were always a great mentor to me, and listened to me when I had things I couldn’t tell my parents or Misanya, and this letter is another selfish request of mine for your time.

I used the skills you taught me, with the sword and bow. You taught me how to shoot from the high point, and you told me what spells to look for while constantly encouraging me to follow my parents wishes for me to learn about spells. And for all of that, I thank you, for all of those were of use today. I took lives of those who would hurt me and my companions. And what a group they were. I met a dwarf who acted nothing like those you had in your stories with a goblin that accompanied this dwarf. I became friends with a halfling that was so fierce in combat, and yet friendly outside. And I briefly met a quiet human, who fought with 2 swords, both bigger than mine. These were my companions for my first adventure.

I got into town near morn, and I found the inn (near the other side of the city of course.) I headed into the safe place and looked around. I was excited for adventure and had heard many rumors about this city since landing on human shores. I looked around, and attracted the attention of a dwarf, who came up and started to talk to me. He asked me if I was interested in joining them, and introduced himself as Grond. I met the rest of the group and got their names, there was Grond, the goblin was Zobnaggle, the halfing was named Oslo Liftcoin (a fitting name it seemed, as he played with Grond by (probably, I never actually saw it) picking his pockets. And the human named Atbur. Oslo was talking to an Elf named Dica, who had hired them to track down a killer. On our way to the dungeon, Grond told me stories about his adventures, and he talked about just the previous day he entered an underwater temple and fought a dragon. I still do not know if he tells the truth, but I shall enter the temple with him if I can next time he goes.

Anyways, we got to the entrance under the waterfall, and entered. We saw a company of orc soldiers, refilling water barrels. I had time to draw my bow before the dwarf started talking in orcish to them. I’m not sure what he said, but the act of him talking made them notice us and turn in fight before I could cast Gravity Bow. The fight started off just like training, except of the screams of pain and the spurts of blood. However, things took a turn for the worse during the fight. Zobnaggle took a javelin to the chest and dropped the tough and smart act. He started running, and the Dwarf chased after him after bringing Atbur back up on his feat. Atbur asked me if I had anything to increase the amount of damage he could deal the orcs. I asked if enlarging him would work, and he agreed. I cast the scroll and prepared to step back as Atbur became enlarged. And then what happened next was… rough. Atbur got hit, and we could tell instantly something was wrong. He seemed not as stable on his feet, and then got hit again, and fell. His pulse stopped as his blood splattered on the floor.

After was, chaotic. I was in a good place to cast, so I cast a shield on myself and moved into a melee with the sword you had given me. I was woefully ineffective and had no luck with hitting. Olso yelled out for me to fight as I was most comfortable. He let me step behind him, and I cast the spell I am most comfortable with, and then jumped up onto a barrel. It was like you were there instructing my shot again, and I hit my next two shots perfectly. The last orc fled, and I missed my last shot. We killed the orcs that were still bleeding, and traveled back to town. I started writing this letter soon after we got back, and while there is still light, I will travel around asking if people know where Atbur came from so I can send his weapons home to his family.

I’m having trouble with how I should end this, except that you were right, and adventuring is hard and scary, but you were also right in that it is exciting and blood pumping, and terrifying.

Your student,
Varnel Dewshine

Varnel stands up from his desk and seals the letter. He finds a messenger in and tells him "This is for Caraga Hollysword. Take this with care.


Valarian Valarian

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