Valene's Adventure Log - Delve 4 - The Cryptening

My motivation was through the roof this morning. I met up rather quickly with Prakus and was surprised to see Firthinel and Tiberius also waiting to delve. Even though we could’ve likely gone into the DungeonScape with the few of us, I felt it necessary to increase our numbers. I’ve considered that strength in numbers would’ve been rather advantageous in our past delves, so I looked around the tavern for other adventurers. A certain three caught my eye, and two of them agreed to join. The third, however, apparently had his own agenda.

He was searching for a certain tomb, to which he was surprised to hear about it being in the DungeonScape instead of where the “legends” claimed it to be. He declined our offer and instead planned going to this tomb himself…. But I could not in good spirits leave a man and his companion to wander the dangerous area alone. I was ready to enter again the entrance of Ice, but instead decided to accompany Khai-ir into the tomb and assist him on his quest. It pains me a little to let the assassin live for any longer than she has already, but something tells me that she will not be leaving the dungeons anytime soon.

Almost immediately as we entered the dungeon we encountered a plethora of undead creatures. Nevertheless, I was not deterred. I managed to get past the number of allies, vault over an enemy, trip two of the skeletons (one of which looked rather menacing) and fell one that was knocked prone. Indeed… I was not about to be the useless monk I was before. Before even a minute was up, every creature had crumpled to the ground.

After the fight, I was able to learn more of Khai-ir’s story. The world is so big—there are so many people who have had so much hardship and trouble in their lives. Khai-ir’s mentors were all taken by a plague, and he is now wishing to rid the world of all Urgathoa’s undead creations. Compared to that, I have lived such a simple life: taken in by a kind master after being found alone on the streets and trained to be a monk of Iori nearly my entire life… considering I hardly remember my years before the temple, Khai-ir must be… well, I cannot even fathom.

None of us were expecting what was going to come next. Even though the room had nothing, almost immediately after entering the room, we were ambushed on three sides by a number of undead—two ghouls at the rear, then a horde of zombies and three skeletons on either side. The outlook was dim… I even lost consciousness more than once. Thankfully, we had quite the luck after Khai-ir regained his movement and Septimus decided to bring out more of his channels. After it was all said and done, we decided to head back to Sanctuary and figure out what to do with the loot and equipment and such. Fortunately, everything ended up being okay, and even the Ghoul Fever was sufficiently taken care of.

This delve into the crypt… it was quite draining and I will admit I was quite concerned for my life. I don’t know if I’ll offer to go with Khai-ir once more unless we apprehend the elven assassin, as much as I have grown to respect the man. I suppose I’ll just have to make a decision in the future.


Valarian Valarian

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