Seras' Journal to her Mother

People here are nice, its a great change. People may be easy targets, but its hard to take from them when they are such happy folks, I mean, its not like they are taking from me, right mom? Its just so hard to adjust to this world, the festivities, the nice people, and not getting stabbed in the back at the end of a mission, or having to stab someone else first. Went with some strong people to explore some sort of Lost City whatever that means. I mean, no one every found it before? We pretty much just strode in. There were undead there, along with some interesting constructs, would have liked to take a look at the constructs, but they blew up in my face. Found some old, moldy art, but the paladin saw it first, and I don’t want anyone to know of any interest I may have with art, they may see it as weakness, and I must not show any, even in this world. Strange as it may seem, I have taken a liking to a Catfolk bard. No, Mother, I’m not interested in that way, even if he plays wonderful music. But he is an excitable fellow, and we are going to the festival tomorrow, together! I can’t wait! My first festival, and there will be drink! I know you don’t like me getting drunk all the time, but I simply can’t pass this up! I mean, the people there aren’t going to rob me or try to kill me, not with so many others watching at least. And I wont bring any valuables with me.

Dear Seras
I am so glad you got away safely! Life is still the same over here, though I managed to kill that enforcer that was blackmailing me over this book. Remember, don’t get too attached to the people there, not until you are sure they truly are different from here. Even with that imp gone, don’t write too often, we can’t be having anyone pick up on the magic. Don’t forget to get that bag fixed so we can exchange notes and money easier, and without detection! Got to go, have fun with that bard!


Valarian Valarian

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