Seras' Journal 2, Breaking the news

Dear mother
I don’t know how to put this…. Your little girl has grown up into a strapping young man!
We were checking out an interesting wizard’s tower, and there was this pool of water… And you know me, curiosity killed the Hiyyhel Teljih ( OOC: Little Devil, her child nickname ) and, well, I’m a guy? I haven’t dared show my face to anyone that I know since, and am debating how to best make a profit off of this new development. Though I doubt anyone would truly want to go to the tower, risking the danger, in order to change their gender, and also be willing to pay for the privilege, it might make some good fun!

My Little Devil
WHAT!?!? My little girl, you were always trouble, but turning into a man? Well, I guess now you won’t have to worry about any stupid mob getting ideas and instead would just straight up kill you. Don’t risk offending the natives, even for a good prank like that. Keep your nose clean for the moment. I’m guessing that cat you mentioned won’t be as susceptible to your charms, but now you might be able to form both a friendship and comradery without worrying about any ugly misunderstanding. How is the bag coming? I’d worry about your health, but I know my girl, and you’ll be fine


Valarian SilentVeteren

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