Seras and Karru

OOC: This was done over a Skype call, and we decided to make it cannon. XP will be split 50/50

Seras wanders down the street, pondering what to do next, when she spots Karru. Deciding that it would be better to talk about it now than later, Seras waves to Karru.

Seras: “Karru! Over here!”

Karru: “Hi, do I know you? I’m glad you’ve heard of me! Did you hear about me from around town? I’ve been trying to drum up some business for The Safe Place. At least, that’s what Joan wants me to do. I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job. People around here like me well enough, it seems. Even though there’s an awful lot of greedy adventurers. I don’t even know what their deal is. Anyway, obviously I’m Karru, since you already know about me, but I don’t know you yet. What’s your name?”

OOC: All of that in one breath, without stopping or pausing at all

Seras: “Ummmm, Karru? Its me…. you know, the tiefling?”
Seras in a small voice: “Seras?”

Karru: “Oh sure, I know a few tieflings, like Seras, are you two friends?”

Seras: “Karru…you remember the pool in the wizard tower? well…… say hello to the new Seras!”

Karru doesn’t understand and his brow is quite visibly furrowed. You can nearly literally see the gears churning in his little feline head.

Karru raises several brows and his eyes bug out to the max

Seras looks at the ground

Karru: "This adventuring is CRAZY, you know that? I mean, there’s tons of stories, sure. lightning traps? Magic pools of… whatever it is? This is crazy. Anyway. Who are you again?

Seras: “Its me, Seras, I got turned into a guy…… You know, Seras? the female tiefling who played poker with you? Fought the dead with you? Who spent so much time with you? Could you really not tell it was me?”

Seras thinks for a second
Seras in a quiet and thoughtful tone: “you know, this might be useful…”

Karru doesn’t know what to think, and decides to not think anything.

Karru: “Okay, well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, I guess.”

Seras: “Karru! I am the female tiefling, Seras! I got turned from a female to a male! If you hadn’t ran from the wizard tower, you would have seen it!”

Karru shuffles his feet uncomfortably

Karru: “Well, I was just about to go play in the traveler’s plaza, see if I can’t get to know some of the people around town. I hope to see you around sometime… Seras?”

Seras: “Karru…. yes, I’ll see you around have a good time”

Seras walks away

Karru blinks stupidly at the encounter, continuing to not understand or comprehend. True to his word, he wanders off to the traveller’s plaza and dances the strange encounter away.


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