Adventure of 8/5/13

CorVals look on things :)

The town of sanctuary… i heard rumors of the great town adventurers call home before risking there lifes for the dungeonscape. I started by heading to the tavern to look for the unfortunate, i pay the bard to strike up a cord. the a group burst through the doors talking about there last visit to the dungeon. Half there party fell and the other half was greedy enough to go again :)
i walk up calmly and point out that if they had a healer they would die less often, and they took me with open arms
this just mean i have to play nice for awhile, i like playing nice
they argue with themselves and i toss out the option of the waterfall entrance… they went for it
i enter with confidence and explore the entry way, the paladin stays by my side… apparently im not trustworthy ( just wait )
when the cave branches we split up, the other half of the party finds orcs, javelin throwers and shamans HA a magic orc now thats funny
we slay the shamans with ease but the javelin throwers are up a ledge… i leave that to the much capable party
I hear sounds from around the corner, I walk around the corner into a resting area for 14 goblins
my party’s fight ends and a halfling comes to find me; why couldnt it be a taller character :(
he ruins my chat and causes the goblins that liked being slaves to get super mad, the smaller not armored goblins wanted to be free and the armored ones wanted to kill the halfing
he let them surround him (stupid) the leader goes to slice his face off
i step through the ankle high goblins (now brawling) i slice the leaders head off and claim controll of the goblins to bring back to town
needless to say the guards didnt see my plan like my brilliance did… i lost interest here
and the goblins left to the valley to the north to settle with a counsel and everything worked out great :( except i dont get help in my shop…


Valarian Valarian

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